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March 9, 2006

I've gotten some feedback on the grazr mini panel, most of which has been about the appearance. The general consensus is the view is a bit magoo with someone remarking that it looks very circa win95 (ouch). Well that's one of the cool things about the panel, it's fully skinnable! Colors, icons, fonts, etc.. can all be customized. There are a few limitations to this, but the look can be changed significantly. I'm going to whip up a 'green theme' and put it on the grazr blog to illustrate this point.

I've also been told the 'back' navigation button is too big. The next iteration will cut the size approx. In half. I'd be curious to get more feedback about this particular issue. I don't want to make it so small that it introduces 'click errors' but I know space is limited.

The 'network activity' animation is weird, but it's the best public domain animation I could find. I'll make something more suitable when I have a chance (it's also customizable in the theme!).