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Why so much effort on encoding?

March 22, 2006

Besides the fact that it's the right thing to do(tm), a large percentage of grazr users are international. I'm surprised to see German and Spanish sites accounting for ~25% of the traffic to the grazr server and some blogrolls in Hebrew and Cyrillic thrown in for fun. With that much traffic I thought it worthwhile to focus on making the posts look right for those users.

So I finally have some code that I *think* is more encoding friendly. I've installed it and completely purged the grazr cache because interactions between the old encoding methods and the new encoding method were getting ugly. This means grazr may be a little slow for the next hour or so, but it should pick up again.

In addition I've added a new encoding 'windows-1255' for those users who are grazing feeds in Hebrew as a large percentage seem to use that encoding. I can't read them so they look right to me :) (please let me know if this isn't the case). If you encounter an error like "Grazr doesn't currently support X encoding" send me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do about adding support.

I've tested these fixes more thoroughly but If you encounter serious character display anomalies, please let me know!