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Cool Uses

April 11, 2006

I've been buried recently with the move to alpha7 as well as server issues, but I wanted to pause and highlight two additional cool uses for Grazr that have been brought to my attention.

First Marshall Kirkpatrick is using Grazr as a means to allow readers to continue to explore a partcular topic after reading about it in an interview. He appends a Grazr to the end of interviews he's conducted on netsquared.org containing relevant feeds and information (examples: Leonard Lin, Stuart Weibel, and Jason Hudson). I've mentioned Marshall before and he continues to come up with really useful and creative applications for Grazr.

The second use is by Robin Blanford creator of CommentCasting. This is a really neat application which is using Grazr as a "media browser" to read a feed generated by user-generated phoned-in audio comments! One example is Robin's Geared Up Blog where he's having people in the wilderness use their mobile phone to call in and comment on the experience. Very cool. Robin has made some feature requests for Grazr and I intend to fully support him when I get through this server insanity.

One thing I plan to do is to create a user / uses highlights page on Grazr.com. There have been so many cool ideas and really creative people using Grazr that I want one location to highlight them.