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Update v6 - last before fork

April 3, 2006

So I've incorporated some of the cosmetic front end changes into version 6. The most noticable changes: 1) Very experimental support for MP3 enclosures. The flash mini player I wrote has some bugs when working with the DHTML effects grazr employs. Still working on it. The player only supports play and pause. 2) Grazr 'remembers' scrollbar positions. Very useful when grazing long lists to not 'lose your place'. 3) Grazr 'remembers' the last item clicked, highlighting it in a slightly different color. 4) Some post formatting cleanup. Missing entities no longer appear as 'undefined'.

The version 7 server side changes are still being tested and need a new include so I haven't enabled them yet. Changes beyond version 6 will only be reflected in the new include file.

Let me know if the new v6 javascript code breaks anyone's site!

Update: Version 6 also now allows you to right click in the browser and access the standard browsers context menu. This allows you to 'open in new window/tab' or 'save link/shorcut' to save the individual URL's of the nodes.