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Changes / New Capabilities

May 9, 2006

So here's a list of some of the major changes to the new Grazr Alpha 9 code.

The new include mechanism, no longer requires the grazr web service to create new Grazr panels.

  • Some cosmetic differences, new 'about' bar, smoothed animation
  • Proportional Sizing (percent sizes)
  • Single line include
  • Multiple grazrs, load as many as you want
  • Experimental - "nice" loader function, self queues behind other javascript in the host page
  • Alternate display modes
    • story mode - removes post nesting to create a single stream of all items
    • media mode - if the post contains an Mp3 enclosure, tries to autoplay
  • Theme support turned 'on'
  • Titlebar + toolbar
    • "maximize" button to 'popout' a grazing window
    • config button to dynamically change grazr panel
      • Change fonts, font size, themes, and get code for the new grazr dynamically!
  • Now for the bad - stuff thats not working

  • Context memory (scroll position and clicked node high lighting) is not working in the new panel code. It's something I'm working on, but the 'inner plumbing' of the panel is significantly different from the old version
  • Titles aren't properly displaying for feeds due to a server tweak

    Near Future

  • Post templates - allows rearranging of post constituent items as well as custom labels (for specific applications and internationalization).
  • History button - Show list of all previously viewed nodes