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May 2, 2006

As usual my enthusiasm is outstripped by the limited number of hours in the day. I'm going to start integrating the major changes into the Grazr codebase today, as I do, I'll post here the list of changes. There are still some big features I've decided to forgo for this particular release since I think they're holding me back. Customized templates and themes will have to wait for Grazr.com user accounts as there's just too many security risks with allowing files to be generated all willy-nilly on the server.

With that said, if anyone would like me to create a custom theme, or a custom template for them let me know and I'll try to support that as I have time.

I just realized I should briefly describe what those are.

Custom templates alter the labels and order of the presentation of post items. For example you could have the content first, then the media enclosure, and have the link to the base page be last with a label like "Go here!" and grazr will render based on that template. This allows people to customize grazr for particular applications and also allows for internationalization.

Custom themes allow for unique colors, margins, alignment, icons, titlebars, and icons for the grazr appearance. There's some limitation to the styling but overall it's quite flexible. So if there's a theme/color scheme you're burning to have I can create one for you as I have time. Eventually when Grazr.com user accounts are opened up I'll open up the 'themeing' application that allows users to make their own customized themes that can be stored and shared.