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Silver Lining

May 9, 2006

So today was almost a complete loss (cosmic forces arrayed against me :) ) but I finally got a preview page setup with the new alpha 9 code. This code represents a lot of changes to the base code. I was going to set that html file as the main page, but with all of the server shinanigans I decided to hold off at least until tomorrow.

On a related note, James E Lee has a new post talking about neat Grazr hacks (in the positive sense of the word). His latest post is all about launching Grazr into it's own window to resize it, something natively supported with the new code! Also note on the preview the "grazr this" tic-tacs, those were designed by James for this purpose. Thanks again for the cool ideas.

The next post will list the major and minor changes along with some of the new capabilities of alpha/9.