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New Media Handling in the Server

June 6, 2006

Thanks to Mike Sansone, I've found another bug in the server code (thanks Mike!). "Dos-like" linefeeds were causing Grazr to stall so I've put in a fix that seems to solve the problem.

In addition to the bug fix, there are a few new media handling behaviors. The handling of media enclosures in feeds has been cleaned up. The new behaviors allow youTube videos to play "in place" and media types not understood by Grazr are left for the OS / browser plugin to handle. Enclosures not understood by the Grazr box will be represented by a "media" link which will either launch a new broswer window to play or will prompt for the downloading of the media file if no plug-in is available.

As always, if anyone notices any weird server behavior, please let me know!