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June 16, 2006

With the recent investment and the re-making of Grazr into a company, Grazr now has significantly greater resources than when it was just me. With the additional resources we've begun setting up a very robust network plan. In the plan we're more than tripling our server capacity, utilizing two data-centers on either coast for redundancy, and were adding some really talented people to the team. One of our new hires is someone who was instrumental in scaling slashdot to many millions of visitors under Andover.net. His experience is already proving to be invaluable during this scaling out planning.

I'll be blogging about the pieces as we deploy them, hopefully starting next week. We're going to strive to never let happen again what happened yesterday.

We've taken a few hits recently with regards to reliability and it really does pain us. I know that personally, during the down time, I went to as many sites with Grazr's on them as I could to see what effect the outage was having. We're very sorry that some of your pages were blocked or loaded very slowly due to our outage. I'll be taking steps to modify the software architecture to eliminate this page-blocking behavior. I know we've lost some of you (understandably) and that's crystalized our resolve on attaining the maximum level of reliability going forward to try to win you back.