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Welcome James

June 26, 2006

James Corbett, the man who coined the term 'feed grazing' has agreed to join Grazr in an advisory capacity! James not only coined 'feed grazing' from which Grazr gets it's name, but his writings on feeds, information structure, and the future of the internet have been thought provoking and have greatly inspired us. James has already given us advice, pointers and ideas since our launch and now we're excited to have him officially join us.

The Grazr team is really coming together. The network deployment of the first phase of our 'scale out' plan went very smoothly which is a testament to the people we've brought on board. We're adding some really talented, smart, and passionate people to the team, people who see the greater vision of Grazr and get excited about the possibilities. The addition of James as an advisor is a great fit. Reading his blog, you can sense the passion and can't help but get caught up in his vision.

It's amazing the connections that can be made through online blog media. Reading James' and Adam's blogs and being a part of the ensuing conversation about 'grazing', across time-zones, countries and the Atlantic has broadened my horizons and has given me the sense that we're all really part of something bigger than the sum of it's parts.

Welcome James!