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Yajaf is retired

June 9, 2006

I'm posting this to say that YAJAF has been officially closed. I'm sure it's probably obvious since I haven't posted in several months. I had intended to keep writing javascript articles, but my new project has eaten 100% of my time. To those of you who have been following the articles, thanks for reading! I may come back when I have time and write additional informational pieces but the way this new thing is taking off I can't make any promises.

So what happened with YAJAF? Aside from some of the really nasty toned comments I got, indignant that I would even *dare* to try and make money off of a javascript library, there just wasn't that much interest. While I still think YAJAF is better than 90% of the libraries I've seen (boy are they proliferating), some of them are starting to incorporate some of the neat features in YAJAF (although not all) and some of the newer libraries have features YAJAF is missing. I think given enough time, the current popular libraries will evolve (and combine) to become better than YAJAF so it doesn't make much sense for me to keep developing it. I thoght about open sourcing it but there didn't even seem to be enough interest for that. Additionally, while I love open source as much as the next guy, I gotta eat. :) So I've come to the decision that I'm going to keep YAJAF closed and use it for my own internal projects. Thanks to those of you that gave me constructive comments!