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Default view as outline

July 27, 2006

With the release of the new version of Grazr, some of you might want to have Grazr start in the new outline view as opposed to the traditional slider view. Here are some simple instructions to alter your current install.

If you're comfortable altering your blog template or html, you can change the view that grazr starts in by adding the option 'view=o,s' in the 'gzloader' portion of the grazr embed. It should look something like: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://grazr.com/gzloader.js? view=o,s&amp; file=http://grazr.com/index.xml"> </script> <a href="http://grazr.com"> (I had to add spaces so the post would be readable, but obvisouly there shouldn't be any spaces in the src="") The only rule is that it must occur before the file option. It can be inserted as an option anywhere between gzloader.js? and &amp;file. Adding this query string option also works for 'grazr links' that launch grazr windows.

The new config page also allows you to create an entirely new grazr html embed with a default view selected as well.