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New blog for mike?

July 27, 2006

So the Grazr blog has been a little quiet recently. The reason is that, now that Grazr is a company, we've decided to make the Grazr blog the 'new product announcement' and more corporate communication site rather than a site for my technological mumblings, rantings and ravings. I'd like to set up a more personal site, as chief scientist and co-founder of Grazr, where I can express more personal stuff as well as development discussions.

So I'm stuck trying to think of a name for the new blog. Adam has a great name for his blog site 'Feedonomics', a discussion of the 'feed ecosystem'. There are already some great podcasts and posts up there so check it out. I'd like to have something similar, but what should I call it?

I thought about playing into the technology/science aspect of it, calling it 'beakers.grazr.com' or 'madscientist.grazr.com' but none of that really grabs me either.

I'm totally drawing a blank, so any ideas out there? :)