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Busy Day

August 8, 2006

It's been a busy link day, no doubt thanks in part to the events of yesterday and the podcast I participated in (thanks again, Dave!).

First I wanted to mention Critt Jarvis, and his project Conversation Base. Critt has been a supporter of Grazr and a source of lots of ideas (and energy, lots of energy :) ). Critt is at wikimania, is participating in the citizen journalism sessions, and has been showing off his project. Check it out, there are some really cool ideas in there.

I also happened across David Tebbutt's quick writeup on Grazr in the IWR (Information World Review) blog. David has also been a great supporter of Grazr, having a few grazr's on his own blog and having written about its uses on several occasions now. David is no stranger to outlining concepts, having been involved in them for a long time, as a journalist, and as a developer having his own knowledge management software BrainStorm. Thanks once again David!