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cNet, Grazr, and myspace

August 8, 2006

Another interesting thing that happened today was that we showed up on the front page of cNet news in thier "web 2.0 blog" section. There was a little confusion about myspace and whether Grazr works 'embedded' in a myspace page, the quick answer is no due to restrictions on the types of allowed tags (no javascript). There *is* however an interesting way to use Grazr in that context. When using the 'config page' the bottom of the list of options actually has a 'launch a grazr' link. It's a normal html link that you can copy and use to launch stand alone copies of Grazr configured how you want them. It's also not too tough to change just the 'file' query string option if you want to open similarly configured grazr's on different OPML files and feeds. For example here's a chiclet to launch the default grazr start opml. . I like this chiclet designed by James E Lee, but it could also just be a text link to launch a grazr here's a flickr feed for tag 'wikimania'.

We were originally pursuing making Grazr work in myspace, but there are some indicators that myspace is going to become more and more closed to third party widgets. Since making Grazr work in an embedded way in myspace is non-trivial (involving some Flash work) we decided to shelve that effort for a while to see how the situation evolves.