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Preview performance and support disclaimer

September 13, 2006

I've noticed that some people have gone ahead and changed their installs to point to the new 'preview' version of grazr on their websites. It's really encouraging that people like it enough to manually hack an install and are confident enough in us to trust our 'pre release' version.

While we don't have any blocks preventing someone from doing this, there is a 'use at your own risk' disclaimer. Preview is not officially supported to be hosted from other web pages. Our intent with the preview site is to allow the larger public to comment on it for a week or so before we move it to release. Therefore, there are a few 'gotchas' to manually pointing an install to the preview grazr.

First, we're building a fairly fast and robust server network behind the 'official' version of grazr. This network means that the released grazr should be a lot faster than the preview grazr. Our released version also has facilities to recover from serious network and server outages. The preview version is only hosted off of a single 'sandboxed' server meaning it will be slower and lack these redundancy features.

Unlike the official grazr install, there is also no guarantee we will keep that preview url 'live'. If you manually add in a preview version, when we do go to release, your install will continue to point to the preview version. To gain the speed and redundancy benefits of the official version you'll have to manually go in and change your install back to pointing to the normal url. We may add a message to the 'unofficial' preview grazrs out there after release letting you know you should manually update your grazr install. The official grazr automatically upgrades when we release so users that didn't tweak anything in their install won't need to edit anything.

We do appreciate your support and enthusiasm but I did want to alert people to the drawbacks of manually pointing to the preview version of grazr. While there haven't been a lot of comments, people are going through the effort of manually installing them so I'm going to implicitly assume they like the changes. :)

The enthusiasm in installing preview grazrs, makes me wonder if we should try to set up an official way to support those that can't wait to have all of the next features. It's something we'll talk about internally (as always comments here are welcome) but for now all of these disclaimers, warnings, caveats apply.