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Private Labels

October 23, 2006

I've been way behind in blogging but I figured I should still post an announcement for our private label program even though we technically launched it last week. :)

Essentially this program lets companies and services that have structured data, if they export that data as a feed or OPML, have an "instant viewer widget" using Grazr. The partner can put their logo, some verbiage, and links in the footer of Grazr.

We get more users of our service, more exposure, and our partners get branding, more use of their services, and a "viral" widget to extend their network! We think it's a win-win situation.


Our first few private label partners are Feedburner, Zimbio, and Talkdigger. The program is still new so feedback from all three of our first partners has been really important. It's been good working with the teams and individuals at each.

If you're interested in your own private label Grazr, you can contact bizdev ( at ) grazr (dot) com for more information! We've got several other partners coming soon and we're going to set up a partners page to highlight each!