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Grazr Bookmarklet

November 7, 2006

SO00869_.gif While I wrote this little Grazr bookmarklet a while ago I've found that I've been using it a lot recently. I thought I would post it since others might find it useful as well.

"View in Grazr" Bookmarklet (three pane)

"View in Grazr" Bookmarklet (outline)

"View in Grazr" Bookmarklet (slider)


  1. Right click and "save as bookmark" at least one of the variants. In Firefox and some other browsers you may be able to click and drag the link to your bookmark bar.
  2. When on a website that potentially has a feed, select the bookmark either from the bookmark toolbar (e.g. FF, safari) or select the bookmark from the menu (all browsers including IE)

This will pop up a Grazr window with the feeds and/or OPML files from the page in one of the three views with an easy-on-the-eyes font size of 12pt. Grazr's autodiscovery mechanism makes this an easy way to find the feeds and OPML files linked within regular web pages. To see an example, click directly on any of the three bookmarklet links to see the feeds and outlines linked to my blog. Although many browsers are making feed autodiscovery easier, they still generally focus on a single feed (usually the first they find) and ignore OPML files. I find Grazr is a better solution for quickly skimming the contents and determining the potentially autodiscovered links within a page.

Once it's rendered in Grazr, if you want the URLs of the feeds or opml files themselves, you can right click the Grazr nodes to copy.

Other uses: Have you ever been navigating the web, click on a feed link, and are suddenly presented with XML data? If the XML is a feed or an OPML file, using this bookmarklet will render it in Grazr, creating a quick shortcut to a readable form.