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Structured Nakedness

January 29, 2007

Constantin Basturea has made the blog book (or blook) that Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have written, Naked Conversations, browsable via grazr. Cool use, Constantin, Thanks!

This was actually one of the uses we'd envisioned for Grazr as a tool, organizing e-books (or more specifically blooks) like this. It's great to see that happen!

There is a lot of power lying in the simplicity that is Grazr and the underlying data format we use, OPML (created by Dave Winer). I sometimes have trouble telling people just what it is we're doing, either oversimplifying the story or talking about our grand expansive vision (usually resulting in that glazed far-away stare) :). It's gratifying when small pieces of the vision start appearing.

Update: Should have embedded a grazr showing it, here you go.

(via James)