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Todd And's Power150 RSS feed application by Marjolein

February 5, 2007

power150medium.jpg cclogob400w2.jpg grazr_reflct.png

Marjolein Hoekstra contacted me last week about possibly using GrazrScript and a grazr private label to enable a rich feed application for Todd And and his Power150 marketing blog list. I thought this was a great idea and put my energies into supporting her great work.

When we envisioned GrazrScript we'd imagined a system that allowed people to easily mash together various services with relative ease, using feeds as the internal "web wiring". We've only had a few real users, (like Tony Hirst and his "String and Glue Learning Environment" which includes a courseware search app) and with each example I'm more heartened that GrazrScript will gain more popularity as more people see what it can do. Our hope was that it would be possible, with dedicated, visionary, smart people like Marjolein and Todd, to really build some great stuff.

Here is Marjolein's post about the application, as well as Todd And's post. I think it turned out really great!

So thank you to Marjolein for her patience learning how to use GrazrScript, and thanks to Todd for the vision of how this could really benefit your users.

We are continuing to add features to GrazrScript, the next few releases will add some really compelling capabilities that I think will enable even more of people's creativity in creating feed / information applications. Stay tuned!

If anyone would like to give us feedback about anything regarding Grazr or GrazrScript feel free to e-mail us or drop by our forums.