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Bookmarklet Filter

March 13, 2007

SO00869_.gifMarjolein has once again put together a really nifty tool she's calling "OnePipe" . Using Yahoo Pipes, Grazr, and a little bookmarklet magic, she's created a way to click one button to auto-discover content feeds, filter on specific keyword, and then immediately display the results in Grazr.

You can use it two ways. First you can select some text in the web page, for example: database. Then click the bookmarklet, the results will be filtered on the selected text. Alternatively if nothing is selected then a user prompt will appear asking for the filter term. There are some minor bugs with the system, but Marjolein's working on them. As a proof of concept though this is really cool.

You can bookmark the link above to get your own copy or go to Marjolein's original post where she talks about installation.

This kind of aggregate service will only increase in frequency as tools like Yahoo Pipes and GrazrScript mature. images.jpgThe next iteration of GrazrScript will allow even more feed manipulation (hmm maybe we need a codename for it? :) ). We've got it working in the lab we just need to polish off a few more rough edges and we're going to start beta testing it very soon (like within the next week or so if all goes well).