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June 3, 2008

Recently I've been playing with our stream output and messing with different publishing models, like injecting it into blog posts directly. These were mostly just experiments to get a feel for different ways of displaying Grazr content aside from our traditional "super-widget" view.

I stumbled across this service feedvolley that basically takes feeds and turns them into nicely formatted web pages (most of the themes are modeled after Tumblr). This isn't something that's hard to do with code, but feedvolley makes it quick and easy to play around with generating sites, and the addition of themes is nice. Here's my "Apple News" stream in feedvolley.

It may seem counterintuitive to turn feeds into pages, but feeds can be difficult for people to understand and pages are an accessible type of content for most. It becomes especially interesting when you think of processed or filtered feeds, feeds that have no direct analog back to a particular web page. A clear example would be our streams, the amalgamation of lots of different sources.

It's interesting to get a feel for what these new pages are like. They are something new with different purpose than their original sources.