Startup and Technology Projects

  • Smarterer provides people a simple, fun, and authentic way to show what they know. Smarterer is a platform designed to score individuals on any and every digital, social, and technical skill under the sun. Using crowdsourced test design and a scoring mechanism similar to the one developed to rank chess masters, Smarterer rapidly determines your ability level and the ability level of your peers, colleagues and friends.

    Smarterer was co-founded in October 2010 by Dave Balter @davebalter, myself @mikepk, and Jennifer Fremont-Smith @jfremontsmith.

  • TenZeroLab is an effort to create more startups in the Boston area. A pre-seed accelerator, TenZeroLab is helping people turn their ideas into projects. TenZeroLab brings motivated people together, provides mentorship, and a space to work. Working with local area seed accelerators, TenZeroLab tries to get projects ready for participating in those programs.

  • Share your contact information in a snap. SnapMyInfo is a project utilizing QRcodes to try to make the process of sharing contact information easier. This project also includes elements of computer vision algorithms, some limited augmented reality, as well as a higher throughput contact sharing mechanism for conferences and networking events.

  • Partly as a learning exercise, and partly as an excuse to roll a custom python web framework, PyBald is a relatively straight-forward, no-frills, approach to building Python web applications. Pybald is open source and released under the MIT license. The goal of PyBald is to provide a “learning framework” to help people become familiar with the basic building blocks of a web framework. If you’re interested in learning more, contact support at

  • E.M.E.R.A.Q.

    EMERAQ is a twitter robot designed just for fun. A simple test of Twitter’s API, it looks for people quoting from particular movies, then responds with relevant or linked quotes.