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Foray into blogging

October 19, 2005

I must admit, I don't think I'm interesting enough for people to actually read about me or my life. A rather inauspiscious begining to a blog, but I suppose I am doing something that many think is a bit out of the ordinary, I'm starting a company. I'm not exactly in "stealth mode" with my company, but my intention is not to blog about the company per se, but more on experiences and thoughts about the startup process in general, how it's affecting my life, and generally to log a bit of history. When I am a captain of industry I can look back at this blog and have a record to remember what happened and see just how crazy my ideas really were. I suppose another reason for writing this blog is to commit to "paper" my values, ideals, and thoughts before wild success changes me. The last thing I want to blog about is my view of companies in general, corporate america, innovation, technology, and the interactions between all of these forces.