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Now that the deluge of traffic has subsided a bit I’ve been working on cleaning up some of the bugs that led me to back rev’ing Grazr. There’s still a steady stream of traffic (less than the original tidal wave but not insignificant by any means). Lots of people are putting Grazr on their pages which is great, including several international sites. The international sites further highlight the character encoding issues I’m fighting with Grazr right now. I’m hoping to have a lot of it cleaned up in the next couple of days.
Other development issues I’m working on:

  • CSS bleeding issues. Some sites have formatting that ‘bleeds’ into the grazr panel
  • I’ve cleaned up a lot of XML parsing issues, accepting more ‘non standard’ feeds, and internal bugs so Grazr doesn’t hang as often (in the spirit of Postel’s Law). There are still some feeds that cause it to choke and I’m working on it. I’m also working on cleaner error reporting and logging so I can track down the issues and fix them more quickly.
  • I’ve done a lot of memory optimizations and apache tweaks on the grazr back end to make it snappier. The results seem to be pretty positive as the server stayed responsive even under crazy load.

There are some features I haven’t ‘turned on’ yet such as the themeing / skinning of the panel, but I want to get the base functionality more solid before I add more features.

If anyone running Grazr finds new bugs, particular feeds that cause heartburn, pages with display anomalies, or has ideas for feature requests please comment or send an e-mail. The currently tracked bugs can be found in the ‘grazr about’ which can be displayed by clicking on the bottom of the panel.

grazr (dot) com (at) gmail (dot) com

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