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Grazr Mini

March 8, 2006

Well it's Tuesday at 11:30PM and I'm officially announcing Grazr Mini. What is it? Grazr Mini is a small widget that can be loaded from any web page that allows feed grazing. The basic idea is to allow people to create a 'sidebar' feed grazr on their blog to not only list their blogroll or reading list, but to also allow visitors to actively peruse the contents of that reading list. It's essentially a mini feed reader / opml reader in a sidebar. Grazr Mini

I've started very early testing and within the next few days I'll set up a registration "code" page to allow people to get their own grazr mini's.

Development milestones:

-New simplified event handler mechanism that still protects versus IE memory leaks

-New cross domain data transfer infrastructure

-New feed / xml parsing code

-Asynchronous loading support (without onload and onunload events)

-New widget from scratch showing some of the Grazr experience

A few days will be spent tweaking and polishing this interface and then I intend to return to working on the full Grazr product. Grazr mini should be both fun and useful for people, and as they become interested in grazing and reading lists they can then try out Grazr.com (when it's ready) for a more robust grazing experience.