Slower Ninja Foo

I’m still furiously working on my YAJAF enabled project. The ‘ninja foo’ articles will be slower in coming but I will try not to be overly negligent. I’m hoping to have some demos ready in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned…

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  • Blair Zajac

    Great articles.

    One thing if you could touch upon is the mutlithreaded nature, or lack thereof, of JavaScript.

    Some questions that Google searches have not explained fully enough includee:

    How the JavaScript engine works in the browser context. For example, what happens when an XMLHttpRequest completes and calls the onreadystatechange function and there’s another event being processed. Does the onreadystatechange block, or are they both running?

    Do you need to worry about multiple threads updating JavaScript variables?

    Are all JavaScript implementations single threaded?

    Is there a global lock much like Python?

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