Alpha v7 changes

Some of these changes have been active for a week or so.

    Major Changes

  • Dynamic cache updating, Grazr now maintains cache coherence with source RSS and OPML files. Changes should reflect immediately.
  • No More CSS bleeding issues – the Grazr widget now uses a small embedded iframe to isolate itself from the host page’s style information.
  • Grazr “multi” support – the new include which should be available shortly allows as many Grazr panels as you want per page
  • Preliminary Podcast support – experimental enclosure / podcast support (single enclosure)
  • Minor Changes

  • Grazr Panel remembers scroll position
  • Grazr Panel marks last visited node in history
  • More character encoding tweaks
  • Modified default theme

With these changes incorporated, I plan to move Grazr to “Beta” status within the next week, stay tuned!

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