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New Server

April 13, 2006

So it took a day longer than expected but the new server is up and running. Part of the code in alpha7 allows for greater/easier scalability and it proved its worth in the migration. Hopefully, other than a few brief server restarts, Grazr service should have been uninterrupted during the transition. It's nice to see that the current load is barely taxing the system... ahh some breathing room to get back to real development!

A quick note: One thing I've noticed is that some people seem to be hosting a version of Grazr javascript files locally on their own servers. While superficially this may seem like a good idea, Grazr is a combination of front end and back end technology both of which are evolving rapidly. There's no guarantee that the javascript of today will work with the servers going forward. The dowload is relatively small (~16k) so please leave the javascript file as a pointer to Grazr.com. Thanks!