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OPML writeup

May 22, 2006

I guess first I should issue a hearty "Thank you!" to Adam Green for putting the whole thing together. In the interests of full disclosure, like I've mentioned before in the blog, Adam is now involved directly with Grazr. OPMLcamp, however, took shape long before this direct involvement materialized.

I know Adam was a bit disheartened by the difficulty in organizing a free 'camp' or 'unconference' style gathering (community involvement, especially focused on such an early 'edge' technology, can be like pulling teeth) but I feel like the result was a terrific success. One of the big differences between this weekend and other conferences I've attended is that almost every conversation I had with a fellow attendee at some point included the earnest declaration of "I think this is really great" or "I had never thought of things like that" or the attendee had experienced an "aha" moment (I know I had a few) and as a result had a certain gleam in their eyes.

So I've been reflecting on, organzing and writing materials about opml camp most of today and I'm realizing it's starting to become too much for one post. I'm going to split the material into a few posts (maybe two to four) with one being the material from my 'rss namespace' presentation that I gave. I received some inquiries on the specific material I presented so i'll go ahead and make that a separate post.