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New Version of Grazr

July 18, 2006

So we've moved the Grazr preview version to the official 'out there on pages' version. Caches not withstanding, you should begin to immediately see the new version (v.10) on all sites with Grazrs on them.

The changes are subtle in this version which was intentional. This particular release was the first one to pass through our new testing and feedback process (where we got lots of great feedback on this version, thanks to all who commented!). This also means that version Alpha 0.11 has moved into the public preview page and represents more significant changes to Grazr. Check it out and let us know what you think! Version Alpha 11 includes the first alternate data view (switching between outline and 'slider' view) and also has some nice behaviors when 'launching' standalone versions. Version 11 is a fairly major release and the preview page describes the new features and changes more thoroughly. After people have had a chance to preview and comment on version 11, we'll repeat this process and move it to the official released version in about a week or so.

The most interesting things in the current release are the use of the new OPML icon proposed by Chris Pirillo (designed by liquid orb) and the new post formatting. Post formatting should hopefully look cleaner. I removed the line separators and cleaned up the author and date portions of the posts. Links to posts are now the post title rather than a separate link in the post body. I wasn't sure about the blue opml icon initially, but after using it for a just a few weeks it really says "opml' to me now.

I'm hard at work on the version coming after v0.11 which is shaping up nicely. There are some neat features coming soon and will work their way through our process in a few weeks, stay tuned!