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Thank you for the feedback

September 20, 2006

Well it's been a crazy couple of days. Getting TechCrunch'd techcrunch.gifwas pretty exciting. Our team has done a lot of work making sure we could really scale and handle that level of load. The servers handled it all in stride, and grazr stayed fast and responsive the whole time. We're still seeing the ripples moving out through the blogosphere as people comment on the grazr widget and the service. Overall, the reaction has been extremely positive.

With so many users suddenly hitting the service, it's inevitable that some bugs do get shaken out. Although I have to say it's gratifying that the number of reported issues, thus far, has been relatively small compared to the traffic. These range from typos in our site verbiage, to browser compatibility issues.

We've edited the site and applied bug fixes for most of the issues reported so far. There are a couple stickier ones that I'm still working on, but they should be fixed in the next day or two.

I wanted to give a thank you to everyone who has been good enough to alert us to any anomalous behavior including: Stephen Webber, James E Lee, Frederick Glasson, Critt Jarvis, and JC (this is the only site I really have for you JC). Sorry if I missed anyone who reported something.

If you find something you want to report send a message to [ support (at) grazr.com ].

Thank you!