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February 14, 2007

We've released a new upgrade to Grazr! It took a while to iron out some of the interface issues, but we took a lot of your feedback to heart and tried to make changes to address them.

Many of you said the footer on grazr was too big. On reflection we agreed, the important thing is really the content, so we removed it entirely (except in private label versions).

We also got feedback that the buttons were a little too cryptic. This was partially due to the really limited space available in so many published grazrs. We decided to fall back on a tried and true interface model, the drop down menu. We kept two buttons on the titlebar, one to clone the grazr () and one to launch grazr into it's own window () but we simplified them to make their use more apparent. We think the menus are really a much better way to interact with Grazr and would love to hear your feedback on it in our forums.

We also continue to get lots of feedback on how grazr looks. Many of you commented that the original grazr frame was too "blocky" or squared off so we added some rounded corners to the top and bottom of the application (hey we are in a web2.0 world now after all). Lastly we're going to be releasing some new visual themes and details on how to create custom themes to style grazr any way you want. Grazr was designed from the beginning to allow themes but we've not been able to release the details until now. Those details should be out later this week or early next week after we make a few more adjustments.

We've got some interesting plans for the menu, such as allowing user generated custom menu-items and actions using GrazrScript, so look out for those changes in a future release!

We hope you like the changes!

Our intent was to make Grazr easier to use and a little more polished. This version represents some changes to the underlying code, so if anyone experiences problems, please let us know! Either through our support e-mail or again, the user forums.