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Unicode = Madness

April 9, 2007

One of the things I'm quite proud of is the international support in our feed processing architecture and widget. Early on, I spent a maddening week getting unicode display working, and while my sanity took a minor hit, the international character support has meant we've gotten lots of non-english feeds and international traffic including feeds in Chinese, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Arabic, and many others. That particular piece of code has been relatively stable for over a year now, but it still wasn't perfect, we got several support e-mails and some forum traffic for corner case feeds that just wouldn't display properly. biglogo.gif

My unicode scars had healed a bit so I waded back in and modified several of our character encoding modules to try and clean up those last improperly displayed feeds. Unicode still equals madness, but I think I've gotten it pinned down and working better than before. Although I'm fairly confident our international support is now better, please let me know if you see characters improperly displayed or feeds that used to work breaking now.

As always there's our support email (support grazr com) as well as our forums for feedback on this, or any other, issue.