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Grazr on iPhone

July 7, 2007

images.jpgIt took a little longer than I'd hoped, but Grazr widget code now runs really smoothly on the iPhone! Part of the delay was trying to figure out how to integrate the new widget behaviors with the site in a way that made sense.

When you go to the grazr iPhone site, you will see a page formatted specifically for the limited dimensions of the device.

There are options to input a url for feeds and reading lists, as well as several sample reading lists. The samples will likely rotate over time but for now there is an example user reading list, a science and technology list, as well as a reading list / personal tracker for Robert Scoble that was uploaded by one of our users. Since Scoble is out at the iPhone devcamp, we thought he might get a kick out of it.

We also integrated the iphone page with our accounts system. If you're logged in (get a free account) you can peruse your bookmarked and uploaded feeds and reading lists using the iphone page.

The page allows you to launch the grazr widget in a special "iphone mode" and bookmark the resulting grazrs. The resulting feed grazing experience is quite clean on the iPhone, with a custom theme and our traditional slider view, it feels almost like a native application.

Happy grazr-iphone-ing!

I'm hoping to follow up this post with possibly a video of using Grazr on the iPhone as well as some of my thoughts on iPhone development.