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Grazr Twitter Reader

August 8, 2007

We've been playing around with various services and API's and decided to put some of our technology to work. The result is the Grazr Twitter Reader! Adam wrote a post about this project and our API with more details as well as some of the inspiration for some of the functionality. The basic "friend browser in opml" idea was inspired by a "twitter friends" tool designed by Tom Morris.

Using our widget, grazrscript, and a custom grazr theme I think we've come up with a pretty compelling little application for roaming around inside the twitter network.

We also made a custom Facebook application using the same foundation that can be installed using this link. All of our Grazr functionality is still present so you can republish these as widgets, look at them in your ajax start pages, as well as looking at it on the iphone. Sometimes it's neat to step back and look at all the pieces of our platform and how they work together. It's only going to get better.