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Using Grazr as a dynamic bibliography

November 1, 2007

During a meeting with Dan Bricklin (who's a member of our board, can I say again how cool it is to be able to meet with him), the conversation briefly turned towards Grazr on the iPhone and its interface model. Dan mentioned he was writing a post about gestures in human-computer interaction and was going to create a "further reading" resource list using Grazr and our new drag-and-drop resource editor.

The goal was to present information and research at the end of his essay, adding it as a sort-of dynamic bibliography. Since gestural inputs are a topic I also have some interest in, and have done research on, I created my own research list and Dan cross linked my list from his. Then Dan also added a list created by one of our biggest users Fred Zelders, who had also collected useful information on the iPhone and ipod touch. The results are that with just three dynamically cross linked resources, a ton of information is captured in a small space and can be explored, remixed, shared, published and edited.

One of the really cool things about Grazr 2.0 is how the tool has evolved into a powerful data sharing system. Adam made a video describing it as a "New medium for online collaboration and publishing", and while that sounds somewhat hyperbolic (we even acknowledge it in the video) there is something to it.