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Clearing cobwebs

February 7, 2008

I was looking at my twitter stream and saw a tweet from Brett Nordquist

When all else is equal, I'm giving my business to the company whose founder keeps an up-to-date blog.

I did a quick check and this blog hadn't been posted to in over three months (98 days to be precise, yikes!). We've been furiously at work on lots of new features for grazr.com, our feed processing engine, as well as getting close to releasing some really core functionality we've had in the lab for a while now. I realize that although we've blogged when releasing new functions (feed subscribe, auto posting to twitter and blogs, etc..), without Adam or I communicating between feature releases, we tend to leave everyone in the dark.

Focus is good but it's sometimes necessary to take a moment and take a breath. I need to try again to really refocus and be rigorous about posting to this blog (even when inside the whirlwind), it's time to time to dust it off and clear out some of the cobwebs.