Apple Conversation stream (thanks to Summize)

Like I’ve said before, I’m on a personal mission to try and post more, both here and in the comment space. Unfortunately the next couple of days are going to require my full coding-head-down attention. But with the WWWDC and iPhone buzz swirling, and being a self-professed apple nut, I thought I’d use my summize embed to track the conversation.

Update: it looks like Summize is feeling the pain, takes a bit of time to load at the moment.

Update2: Looks like they really went down hard. The JSON interface is returning errors.


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  • Erich Campbell

    Just tried it via Cricket with my ancient Motorola SLVR. It was a bit slow, but it worked like a charm. Thank you for opening up this service!

  • mikepk

    Great! I’m glad it worked for you and that you’ve found it useful.

  • Anonymous

    This is great. Nice work, I will be using this with clients who don’t have capable phones. Works like a charm.

  • Japzone

    Just tried it with Verizon LG Cosmos. Got a message back from “[email protected]”(something like that) that said Something about “Failed Delivery” and “Sent Message Back” in the Subject but whenever I try to open the Message my Phone Reboots, Every Single Time. Why is it doing this? Any help would be appreciated as I can’t get a QR Reader App for my phone because Verizon doesn’t have one for Feature Phones(which is what the LG Cosmos is).

  • mikepk

    Hey there, just got back from vacation. I’m sorry this didn’t work for you. Turns out some spammers started sending messages to the email decoder with some really messed up image attachments. It gummed up the whole system and was causing all decodes (for the past week or so) to fail. I’ve cleared out the bad messages and it looks like it’s working again. I’m going to add a filter to filter out these broken messages to fix this particular problem. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Andy King

    This is great! There’s a QR code scavenger hunt I want to do ( and I don’t have a smart phone, so this is a perfect solution. I’m using an LG VX9100/Verizon enV2 and it worked perfectly. Thanks!

  • Shivorath

    When I first found this thought it’d be excellent, but the service stopped working after a couple of days, now my messages say they cannot be deliverd. What happened?

  • mikepk

    Is it still failing you now? I fixed the issue from last week and a few tests I’ve done show that it’s working.

  • Japzone

    I just used it again and it worked fine. And again using Verizon with LG Cosmos.

  • Shivorath

    Huh, figures that it’s fixed right when I finally decide to comment about it :) Thanks for keeping this up! I was afraid you’d decided to take it down for some reason. Just tried it and it works again, great!

  • mikepk

    Good, I’m just glad it’s still working!

  • Ttyberg

    Tried using this service today and message was sent but I received error message about delivery.

  • mikepk

    I’ll check it, thanks for the heads up.

  • mikepk

    I found a couple of stuck messages in the decoder. I cleared them out so it should be working again. I’ll look into why it got stuck in the first place. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Angela

    Just got a message back saying “mail delivery failed: returning message to sender” – can anything be done about this? I’d really like to make use this service!

  • mikepk

    Hi Angela, I just checked and something about how rogers sends SMS -> email causes the decoder to crash. Rogers appears to add a bunch of random small images in the message (probably for tracking) that make snapmyinfo get heartburn. Later tonight, I’ll see if I can add a fix to avoid this problem (don’t have time at the moment). If you send another message from rogers, I’m guessing it will cause the decoder to crash again (not positive about that). I’ll reply here when I get a fix in place.

  • mikepk

    I’ve put in a temporary fix to avoid rogers messages causing the decoder to crash, you should be able to use the service now. I need to do a little more analysis to see if I can find a more permanent solution, but it is working now.

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