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The Next Level in Contact Sharing?

February 21, 2010

I just read a post on augmented reality planet that mentions demos of face recognition at the mobile world conference. They also linked to this concept video, but apparently a prototype (albeit less smooth) was being shown off at the MWC by tat.

While I can easily see this as a next level in contact and information sharing, there are interesting privacy implications of using face images in this way. While the system shown in this concept looks "opt-in", what happens when this technology becomes more pervasive? What happens when the identifying tags people are already applying to public photographs on social media networks are combined with this technology? There have already been news stories about the number of times people in major urban areas are photographed per day by CCTV systems.

This also makes me think of the scenes from the movie "Minority Report" where a fictional technology is used to identify people using their eyes. I can't see how advertisers and retailers wouldn't want to track our ad exposure and purchasing habits in this way.

Maybe we won't have to wait until 2054 for this to become a reality.