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Bookmarklet: Create QR Codes From Your Browser

March 24, 2010

QR me!
Click and hold, then drag it to the bookmarks bar on your browser.

Here's a quick little bookmarklet to generate QR codes. If you click the bookmarklet while you're on a page, it will generate a barcode based on the address for that page. Try it now! if you click the button, you should get a QR code for this blog post.

Another feature is that you can also generate barcodes from highlighted text on the page. You can use it to quickly encode any page text into a barcode. Of course, if you want to encode arbitrary text, there's a tool for that as well.

What's this useful for? Mostly this is just a fun, quick, way to generate QR codes to experiment with. There is one thing I've found it's quite useful for though. Ever wanted to load the page you have open in your browser quickly on your phone? Click the bookmarklet then scan the code using your phone's barcode reader. It's faster than typing in long urls! Let me know if you find any other fun or useful hacks!


Update: Had some issues with wordpress and the quote marks in the bookmarklet. Should work now.