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Lackluster Startups Magazine

June 21, 2010

When I was in the airport this week I had a minute before my flight boarded and decided to get a couple of magazines. On the stands I saw Startups Magazine published by Entrepreneur. Startups magazine Being a topic near and dear to my heart I decided to pick it up (didn't have time to really flip through it).

The magazine was pretty thin and didn't really have much meat to it. If you're just curious about startups (haven't yet put any plans into action or done any research at all) this magazine might be somewhat interesting to you. The articles were OK, but not very informative or particularly inspiring. Part of the magazine was devoted to tips for getting started but these tips should be fairly well known to anyone who's been even remotely interested in startups.

I get the feeling that this magazine is an attempt to cash in on the sudden surge in the casual interest in startups. If you happen to see this on the stand and have more than a passing interest in startups, I'd recommend passing on it.