Quick Code Fix: Disqus ‘Same Comment’ Problem in WordPress

I found a quick fix for a comment repeating problem I was seeing on my blog with disqus. I’m not a PHP or wordpress hacker (normally) so take this with a grain of salt.

I had recently updated my blog’s theme to a new, major-version-release of Thesis. After the update all of my posts began showing the comments from the same post. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the disqus plugin but that didn’t work.

A little googling and I found a few posts on the subject:

So now I had a hint as to the problem but I didn’t find a clear fix on the googs.

Looking at the generated HTML for each post I found that the disqus_identifier was being set to a single space ‘ ‘.

Spelunking around in the plugin code, first I found where the javascript was being created in comments.php.

<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
    var disqus_url = '<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>';
    var disqus_identifier = '<?php echo dsq_identifier_for_post($post); ?>';
    var disqus_container_id = 'disqus_thread';
    var disqus_domain = '<?php echo DISQUS_DOMAIN; ?>';

Following that function I found defined in disqus.php:

function dsq_identifier_for_post($post) {
    return $post->ID . ' ' . $post->guid;

So it looked like the $post global wasn’t available or being set.

This made me believe that the structure of the new version 2.0 Thesis templates has somehow resulted in the disqus plugin code not being able to access the $post global variable. I changed the function to use the get_the_ID() and get_the_guid() functions and now all seems to be working again.

function dsq_identifier_for_post($post) {
    return get_the_ID() . ' ' . get_the_guid();

As far as I can tell from the wordpress docs, those functions should, in theory, work in the same scope as the $post global so I’m not sure why the functions work but the global doesn’t (and I stopped poking around wordpress at this point since it started working, nothing like being a monkey in the control room of a nuclear reactor :) ).

Thought this might help someone out there that hits this specific problem.

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  • Aadila Samrod

    BHP Billiton CEO says that it’s

    the right time to buy

    the share…

    by Ravi Naidoo

    (29 April 2014–FF News) BHP Billiton, one

    of South Africa’s leading Johannesburg Stock

    Exchange listed companies announced this morning

    that they had enough of the ‘loosing-share,’ and

    was prepared to merge other local companies in

    the country to enhance profit takings for shareholders..

    “The multi national petroleum and mining

    company will

    be buying out other companies in South Africa, so that

    we may hold the national monopoly for

    energy resources

    in South Africa.” says Ceo of the company

    Mr. Ian Smith.

    Smith told Footprints in Johannesburg,

    that the

    company share price had reached R322,02 by end off

    the trading session l a s t night, and was being


    to bring the price above R400, per share,

    by end


    “The price has plummeted, as our Australian


    had seen the need to invest into other

    Aussie shares,

    and the company had lost ground due to the


    of the dollar. We have spoken to other

    national mining

    and petroleum companies including

    National Petroleum

    and Diesel, Khoza and Dante Mining

    and even the Iron

    and Steel Corporation of South Africa

    for hedged intrests

    into recouping the losses post 2013, and 2014. ” he

    told financiers.

    Managing Director of BHP Billiton, Mrs. Shanna

    Mahomed noted to South African’s that they should

    not worry too much about the share drop, albeit, the

    company was still doing well on The New York Stock

    Exchange, The Chinese Stock Exchange, The Greek

    Stock Exchange and The Indian Stock Exchange.

    “We have been slightly aggressive by

    buying the share

    at lower and lower prices, and investors

    are still selling

    the share. We are confident with

    the merger with

    other South African companies, so that our investors

    who purchased the shares at R380-00, will still

    come out with a profit, end December.

    Our panel of

    directors have issued statements

    saying that at the

    current price the price is a good

    share to buy for

    investors who had purchased the share at high

    levels, to average out, and could come

    out at R360-00

    per share by July 2014…”

    –Max Stibbe Schools Advert: 0128392111–


    Madonna – Papa Don’t Preach

    [True Blue Album]

    Stock Broker at the JSE Mr. Riaan Venter told

    SABC News, that punters were weary the BHP share,

    as the price of energy resources had went up almost

    20% in the l a s t three years.

    “If we look at the JSE Top 40, we can see energy

    and construction companies taking the largest

    dip, with financial and insurance industries following

    suite. The only industry type of shares that have been

    improving in the l a s t year is American


    SA companies including Alert Steel, Microsoft,

    Apple and Pinnacle Media. These are

    American owned

    SA companies, and have been doing well,

    as the dollar

    is smiling all the way to the bank and

    these resource

    companies are by right, a sell. My opinion after

    viewing the BHP chart, is that the share

    might even

    break the R299-92, barrier, and

    Mr. Smith is living

    in dreamland to see the price shoot

    above R400,

    by December.”

    Local Businessman Mr. Frank Lombard told The

    National Journal that he had purchased 5000

    BHP Billiton shares at R430, in March 2013, and

    after seeing the price drop even further, he then

    decided to purchase 10 000 shares @ R380,00,

    now the price is at R322.00.

    “Now, my average price is R398 per share, from

    my 15000 shares and am in the red.

    If the price

    does not edge higher, I would have

    to sell my

    assets to hold the share..

    I have placed two stop

    losses at R300, and R290, and pray to God,


    I break even.” he chanted.

    Another businesswoman who hails from Polokwane,

    Mrs. Isabelle Knotts noted to The Saturday Star,

    that she had sold the share at R498 00 back in

    2010, and will close her position when the price

    reaches R300 per share.

    “When my broker advised me to sell BHP,

    after reviewing the financials of the company,

    I had sold 10 000 shares at R498-00…After

    viewing the chart again in June 2013,

    I was

    adamant to sell another 10 000 shares

    at R412-00.

    My broker has said that I take out 3000 shares at

    current value, place a stop loss at R360,

    and hope

    and pray the bears come out and roost. I honestly,

    feel that BHP is still set to ‘fall in love.’

    with the

    recent dollar erection.” she granted..

    Other investors who spoke to The Finance Times,

    say that Ceo Mr. Ian Smith was dodgy when the

    financials were released in February.

    “They had reported to shareholders that they

    had lost R5.2 billion rand year on year, but if

    a R78 billion rand company looses thus much

    in a single year, investors see the recouping

    of losses to other mining companies.

    “South African mining companies will always

    do well, as we have found the first diamond,

    we discovered the first piece of Gold,

    and they always see South Africa as a rich

    in mineral country…If resource companies continue

    to slide, we will be forced to melt our

    wedding rings,

    in the hope not to bring sufferings…”

    Nedbank Board member Miss. Caroline Kryner

    added by saying that the best bet in the financial

    market is to bet the winning share, and that

    is banking companies…

    “If you look at the 4 yr chart of banking companies

    in South Africa, our shares have always risen, it’s

    only the l a s t fifteen months, that we have seen

    markets crash. Our advise as bankers, is to average

    out the share, never be too greedy, and never

    invest more than 10% of your cash assets into

    financial market instruments.”

    –Footprints Filmworks Advert: 0123703469–


    Thieves ‘ransack,’ home in


    by Xolani Baloyi

    (8 April 2014–FF News) The quiet Pretoria suburb

    of Waterkloof experienced a horror nightmare l a s t

    evening as eight armed thugs

    rushed into the

    Pienaar residence in Waterkloof,

    robbing the


    couple of jewellery, household contents,


    equipment and other ‘out-’n-about,’


    “Our children had said that the Waterkloof


    is a quite neighborhood, where

    there is very little

    crime, and the neighbors are far

    apart, hence our

    investment into the home.”

    says the 78 yr old

    Mrs. Pienaar.

    Mrs. Pienaar told Footprints

    in Waterkloof, that her

    husband had decided to rest at

    about 8:PM, and

    she was busy in the attic, writing

    a screenplay for

    a film..

    “It was around 2:am, when I had heard

    the kitchen

    window shatter. I thought it was my husband,


    he enjoys these midnight snacks.

    The next moment,

    a man wearing a back-lava, and knife

    to my neck,

    demanded cash.”

    “I want your money and belongings.

    Take me to

    the safe, I want it now.” the burglar


    “The next moment, the other thugs

    had tied,

    me, my husband, and the Au pair

    who sleeps in

    the basement up.” she noted.

    “They had robbed us from the little

    cash that we

    have on hand, my wife’s wedding

    ring and bracelets,

    and all the laptops. I could do nothing,

    and I was

    feeling ill the previous night, as I required

    my walking

    stick to walk. These thugs had forced

    me to walk

    without my cane, and locked us in

    the garage. One

    of the thugs had stole my wife’s VW Polo,


    the other had driven off with my

    1978 Mercedes

    Benz.” added Mr. Pienaar…

    –Tasha’s Beauty Parlor Advert: 0837637261–

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    Bryan Adams – Summer of 69

    Speaking to The Waterkloof Times,

    The Department

    of Crime and Corruption in South Africa head,


    Yusuf Cassim says that he was alarmed

    that criminals

    would ransack the retired village

    of Waterkloof..

    “Retirement villages are the easiest

    targets to ransack

    homes, and thugs had seen the

    fancy vehicles and

    over a million rand worth of contents in the home.

    They had got away with R50 000 in cash, and

    other valuables to the value of

    R180 000…


    are working with the tracking


    to retrieve

    the stolen vehicles and other


    Meanwhile, other Pretoria residents

    who looted

    to The South African Department of Justice

    said that they cannot bear the brunt of loosing

    innocent lives and assets to criminals

    who are

    ‘too lazy to work…’

    “These thugs form gangs in their shanty homes

    that meander the suburbs and decide

    to burglar

    homes where residents are too weak

    to fight back.

    Our crime rate is one of the highest

    in the world,

    and the simple reason is that our people are

    too lazy to work. We are fed up with these crimes

    and demand governments intervention.”


    Mr. Johan Oost, a PTA resident…

    Miss Tasmia Jassat, a Laudium

    resident added to

    the statement to other residents

    remarks saying

    that the other day her father had

    purchased a

    Mini Cooper for her, and while returning from

    University, she had hit a red light robot.

    “My car was idling, and within seconds,

    a thief,

    had put in his hand through my window,


    off the car, and demanded I step out. He had

    stolen my car, my mobile, and my make up bag.”

    Police Commissioner Mr. Derick Williams says that

    they have patrolled the Pretoria district, and that

    crime will only come down once

    government intervenes…

    “It is sad that government does not pay up

    when they have to invest into new

    vehicles and gadgets

    to bring down crime, we can’t do much.”


    Hannah Montana – Who said

    [w/Lyrics] HQ


    Mirror, Mirror on the wall who

    is the hottest of them all…!

    by Laila Mansoor

    (16 April 2014–FF News) Whether you are

    male or

    female, this article is for YOU. I was

    asked by staff

    from Footprints Filmworks to share


    article as we are living in the f a s t paced


    where it’s not the brain that really sells,

    it’s the

    looks, it’s the sexy gestures, it’s all the


    that creates a person to be your

    friend, creates

    your dream boyfriend, and creates

    the amount

    of magic around the people you

    interact with.

    Let’s face it, most of us would

    rather prefer being

    a princess from a storybook, than an

    ugly duckling

    that eats her lunch by herself…

    This article is for

    you, and if you are reading this

    article with due

    awe, be aware to take down notes…

    Sure enough, we cannot change

    the genetic

    codes that our parents have gifted

    us with,

    and we all know the famous saying

    that inner

    beauty lies within, which is all true,

    for the

    person who is not beautiful, inside and on

    the outside…

    Let’s talk a bit about outer beauty, then we

    will touch briefly, about the inner stuff OK.

    Let us say that you are an average looking

    male, with very few friends, and have always

    envied the good looking guys

    and cannot bear

    looking at yourself in the mirror…

    The f i r s t and most important steps is

    “Spoil yourself.” Even if you spend 20% of

    the current cash you have in your pocket,

    start by taking a haircut, shaving all the hair on

    your face off, shampooing your hair

    with a good

    conditioner and shaving (I don’t have

    to tell you

    where…) Next, we can start by either

    gaining some

    weight, or loosing the access baggage…

    A good toned

    body is a l w a y s attractive, and regular

    muscle building

    or playing sports is essential…If you are a smoker,

    or casual drinker, cleaning your teeth by a

    good dentist,

    on a six month basis is a MUST…A healthy

    body, is a healthy

    mind, and what you put in, you will get out…

    The next step,

    is getting yourself to actually believe that

    you are beautiful,

    inside and out…Remember that

    women don’t necessary

    say that they like men with an awesome

    dress code

    and wrist watch, but having these essentials

    is a must..

    Getting back, to spoiling yourself, it’s

    first about YOU,

    then sharing your magic with others…

    Once you are

    confident in your appearance, all hell

    will break loose…

    I had a gentleman, who visited me

    not so long

    ago, who had a failed marriage,

    was finding it difficult

    to go on a date, and had failed

    miserably in all

    avenues of his life.

    I had advised him, to buy bath salts,

    lite a candlenight

    bath, shave his greasy beard, and cut

    the corners

    of his hair…I had also told him to

    loose his ‘flip-flops,’

    and buy a genuine leather boot,

    with some shirts

    and ties…If you look at the same

    gentleman, six

    months, later, he has sparkling

    white teeth, wears

    the best brands, and is confident

    to date any

    bombshell he meets.

    Now, that we are done with the

    outer beauty,

    and you are satisfied with this ‘new-you,’ lets

    work on the inner you…No better therapy for

    repairing and renovating your inner beauty is

    through reading, socializing, making

    casual communication

    and by being aware. I would suggest

    a good start

    by reading The Footprints Filmworks Foundation,

    magazines, newspapers, websites and other


    but if you like a good murder mystery or

    romance novel,

    the choice is all yours…The key to any

    type of inner

    beauty is reading and getting to know


    a journal from the day you started your

    beauty process,

    and within three months, you will have

    the hottest babe

    on your shoulder, or even a brand

    new wife…Even if

    you have a wife, the trick works too,

    as you cannot

    love another, without f i r s t

    loving yourself…

    –Guitar and Violin Lessons Advert: 0219281782–


    Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla

    in “Ek Shararat” song from Duplicate

    Now, gets get to the ladies, and Yes,

    I know, you want

    a guy to jerk off just thinking about you,

    but it’s not

    as easy peachy as it sounds…And,

    perhaps it is about

    the purrfect nails, the right breasts,

    the toned bum

    and perhaps the flirtatious attitude.

    The law of beauty

    when it comes to outer beauty

    and this applies to men,

    if they really dare…What I normally do,

    is I normally

    crack an egg, and use (the white mixture,)

    as a mask

    for my face, and the yolk for my hair…

    The white mixture

    will leave your skin with a glow, as if you

    had sex for three

    hours non stop…The yellow yolk,

    will leave your hair,

    feeling silky soft, with a texture to

    die for…Don’t forget,

    whilst you are bathing, remember

    to wash your hair

    with a good shampoo and conditioner

    and your face

    with a facial mask…Other facts that

    attract men,

    and yourself to yourself, is regular


    prayer, and weeding.

    Weeding is a process of emptying

    the mind before

    bed, all the good, the bad, and

    the ugly of the day,

    and by simply going to bed without

    a stress in the world..

    Reading a novel or book just

    before bed, allows the

    mind to create new memories

    and dreams when

    you awake in the morning…

    It’s always important

    as a woman to have self-confidence,

    and one can

    build on ones self confidence

    by getting a part time

    job, joining a charity organization,

    or helping

    out at an old age home…I always

    say that recreation

    is the mother of skill, and a man

    will never marry you

    if you DO NOT have mother qualities…

    Yes, if you

    in the mood for a one night stand,

    and are the type

    of woman to screw on the

    first date, go right ahead,

    and wear your red dress

    and flirt with every

    man who walks by…Inner and

    Outer beauty for

    women is not about over doing it..

    Wear enough make up

    so your eyes shine, and little

    enough lipstick to

    stain his collar…One does not

    have to be an

    Aishwarya Rai or Kim Kardashian

    to be beautiful,

    it’s all about you…If you spend at

    least 20 minutes

    in the morning before breakfast,


    dressing yourself for showtime,

    the world is your

    oyster…Be confident in taking

    cool pictures and

    sharing memories, and the amount

    of pictures

    that you have, is a true

    reflection of your


    –ANF Properties and

    Leases Advert: 0118217721–

    Once you have built the self respect

    with yourself,

    and if you are married, you will notice


    that your husband will mystically buy

    you red roses,

    you will l a s t longer in bed, you will

    be more giving

    to your children, and even a bad day

    with your parents,

    will still keep a smile on your face…

    Remember, a smile

    radiates love, so keep smiling, and

    see the difference…:)

    About 95,100 results for Footprints Filmworks


    Kasoor-Mohabbat ho na jaye..


    Michael Schumacher DIES…

    by Michael Eisenhower

    (13 April 2014–FF News) The rest of the world is in

    tears, as the seven time world champion

    Michael Schumacher

    is dead were the cries from Germany this morning…

    “As millions of fans, had cried, prayed and

    waited for

    the world champion to come out of his coma,

    it was

    too little, too late…” said The Saxony Times…

    Footprints in Munich understands that the

    world champion

    had died after suffering a head injury on

    December 29,

    whilst skiing the French Alps.

    “He has been held at The University Hospital

    in Grenoble,

    following the speed ski accident…He was skiing with his

    son, Marie, and hit a rock, on the way down

    the mountain.”

    says Professor Heinzpeter.

    Heinzpeter continues by saying that

    Schumacher was

    in a ‘vegetable state,’ and has been

    overdosed with

    drugs, but cannot and would not

    come out of the


    According to wife, Mrs. Corinna Schumacher,

    she was

    asked earlier, if the world champion

    should ‘pass-out,’

    through switching his breathing

    machine off, or he

    would be living in hospital in the

    same state, for

    years to come…

    “We received the green-light from his

    wife and father

    this morning, that we should turn the



    and allow him to rest peacefully…” noted

    Dr. Paula Frenchman…

    –Fine Art Printers Advert: 0126667572–


    99 Names of Allah – Owais Raza Qadri

    Current World Champion who races for Renault,

    Red Bull, Mr.

    Sebastian Vettel, says that although he

    would over-take

    the rankings as the world’s greatest driver,

    he was still

    in mourning after the tragic loss of Schumacher.

    “He was a high-risk flyer, and enjoyed the

    thrill of speed,

    I mean he started racing the highways at

    only 16, became,

    a world champion racer in his twenties,

    and it’s too sad,

    to hear, that he is dead at 45…

    The world will miss

    the snazzy Schumacher, and we all offering


    deepest condolences to the

    Schumacher family

    and friends…”

    CEO of Ferrari, Mr. Rupert Scheinzburg, told

    The Paris Tabloid, that he had visited


    the l a s t eight days, and he was certainly


    “When we lost Ayrton Senna in 1992,

    whilst leading

    San Marino Grand Prix, the world had stood still,


    he was declared dead…The loss of Schumacher

    is too

    painful to bear, and even a big strong man,

    like myself,

    has a few tears to shed.”

    The late Schumacher is said to return

    to his home from

    France, where he was currently


    treatment to

    Germany, where his friends, fans, foes

    and families are

    but waiting for the corpse to be airlifted

    by helicopter.

    “He is dead, and we cannot believe it…

    He was in so

    much suffering the l a s t three months or so,

    and we could

    not bear seeing him, eating through a straw…

    To God,

    we belong, and to God shall we return.”


    Father John Niekeklitz, a local Hesse


    –Pinetown Bottlers Advert: 0316252872–

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    Westlife – My Love


    New SPACE GAME has

    residents ‘queuing…’

    by Neil Mcdonald

    (17 April 2014–FF News) Ever wanted to


    an astronaut?? Did you even ponder

    about how

    it would be in SPACE?? Did you ever


    the gravitational pull whilst in OUTER


    If you have answered YES, to these


    and had the d r e a m s to one day

    travel to

    SPACE, your opportunity has come

    to light…

    The Japanese Council of Aeronautics


    Administration has l a u n c h e d


    first space vacuum, stretching

    18 hectares,

    where the playing field is orbital…

    Speaking to Footprints in Osaka,


    engineer Mr. Masakazu Sachie says

    that the

    Earth’s gravitational pull is

    9.80665 m/s and when he

    created the

    orbital structure

    on Earth, he had used the

    gravitational pull of

    the moon, which is 1/4 the magnitude

    of Earth…

    “This means the new game we have

    introduced will

    allow bodies to float, and the station

    we have created

    allows space soldiers with space guns,

    to fight combat,

    here on Earth…It’s something new

    created for the

    world, and I’m sure the American’s

    will copy us,

    as they have always done.”

    he was quoted as saying…

    Local Japanese Scientist, Mrs. Satomi Hibiki


    The Tokyo Sun, that they had kept

    mum about

    this ‘new-innovation,’ and had worked

    with other

    architects for the design of “Yukomo…”

    Yukomo, in Japanese means, SPACE LIGHT,


    whilst designing “Yukomo,” we have


    florescent bulbs, to highlight the


    of ‘fighting in space…’

    “We have designed space outfits,

    that repel

    the light guns used when fighting in



    have teams of ten, and are squashed in

    the space

    vacuum to fight each other…

    The most amount of

    strikes against your opposition

    for 60 minutes is

    the winner…”

    –Masha Sithole’s Nursery Schools

    Advert: 0219289111–

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    Josh Groban – You Raise Me Up

    (Official Music Video)

    Businessman Mr. Hirohiko Waku said that he

    was sent

    a proposal by the engineering team to finance

    the deal

    for Y72 million yen, and had bought

    a 27% share in

    the company…

    “At first, I thought that it would not work…

    When they

    showed me a miniature model of the

    vacuum, I was


    that it could actually work…I


    about my son, playing arcade games,

    and I said, that

    “Yokomo,” would suite his ideal much

    better…Now, he

    may fight in this massive structure,

    somersault and

    do different acrobatic maneuvers

    with little gravity…Heck,

    he can even be Superman, and fly, as

    Yokomo, allows

    the space soldier to fly…” he was

    interpreted as


    Local, South African teenager,

    Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim,

    noted to Footprints in Rylands,

    that he was planning

    to go to Disneyland in New York,

    but all that has been

    scrapped, due to “Yokomo,”

    “I have saved my spending monies

    in a money box,

    and ‘begged-’n-pleaded,’ with my father

    that come

    December Holidays,

    Japan is the location…I can’t

    wait to be like Superman,

    and fight with the Darth

    Vader’s of the world…”

    –Cassablanca Travel Agency

    Advert: 0228392211–

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    Footprints Filmworks


    theme from caravan Mike Batt


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