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Wow. Marc Hedlund's Proverbs.

March 9, 2006

First, go read this post on O'Reily Radar by Marc Hedlund. It's an excerpt from a talk he gave listing quick nuggets of wisdom on startups that he calls "Proverbs". I think they're pretty great. One of the 'proverbs' is especially relevant for me in my current situation, "Build the simplest thing possible".

This blog has been a little quiet recently as I've been furiously working on a new project. I decided to heed my own advice and stop obsessing about my original idea. I still think it's a good one, but to properly develop it will take more time than my runway allows. That being said I decided to go with the flow and see where I end up. It's been an exciting time, generating some neat stuff. Maybe my original idea will be my second company ;).

The latest fruits of my current project can be seen in the sidebar of this blog, Grazr. This 'mini panel' is just the tip of the iceberg of where the project is going so it's pretty exciting. It's about 180 degrees from where I thought I would be, but then again, that's what I've been saying happens to almost all startups. So why am I surprised? :)