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Crisis of conscience

April 5, 2006

Why the delay for the new server code + new include? The quick answer, I had a crisis of conscience. I had initially intended to fork the code, requiring new users to use a new modified include. This would have made my life a lot easier, but with all of the people who've given Grazr a chance I didn't want to leave them behind.

To fork or not to fork, that is the question. If I didn't fork the code, how was I going to introduce many of the fixes I 'd planned?

This led me to try and come up with a workaround. It's a bit a of a hack but I devised a virtual bridge to the new include mechanism. While the new include will be a lot cleaner, this bridge will basically add the new include virtually to the pages that use the old include. This shouldn't look or act any different than the previous install but internally it's quite different.

In addition to a large change in the fundamental plumbing of the Grazr panel, some of you may have noticed a slight change to the default theme I hope you like it.

Also, If the new code is adversely affecting anyone's site, please let me know. I've tried to be careful but you never know.