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Unconference / Camp

April 4, 2006

Grazr is going to OPML camp! I've signed up to do some sort of information sharing opmlcamp_mt.gifand/or presentation regarding OPML and Grazr. I've never attended an unconference / camp so I'm excited for this new experience.

Whether you believe in OPML as a format or not (sounds almost religious doesn't it?) I think meeting and collaborating with other developers interested in information organization, processing and presentation is really important. I really hope some SemWeb people attend (even with their disdain for OPML as a format) as I'd love to talk about their grand visions of the future of the web.

Lastly I think it's great that Boston developer communities are starting to emerge. It always amazes me how many really smart people are floating around this area and it's great to have a chance to mingle with some of them and pick their brains. :)