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"Docnography" in Grazr

August 8, 2006

When I met Dave Winer and Doc Searls they were working on a way to create a free flowing set of discussion notes using outlines (and opml) for the "Citizen Journalism" sessions that were happening today at Wikimania. Dave mentioned the URL in the comment to my previous post so I thought I would put up a copy in Grazr. It also includes Doc's notes from BloggerCon IV as a separate outline node. I set the default view to 'outline' mode, and if you run out of space you can launch grazr in it's own expandable window using the () icon. Whatever the outline state is will be preserved in the new window.

If you want to use a link to create a standalone version of this outline in a Grazr, copy the following link: Open a new Grazr!.