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What is a feed application?

November 8, 2006

We've release GrazrScript 1.0 but I still hear the question, what is a feed application? Adam and I have some very specific views on what this means but we also agree that the most powerful kinds of applications are the ones designed and built by those with the domain knowledge in the fields where they will be used.

I really like Tony Hirst's description of a "String'n'Glue" Learning environment. He uses a few Grazrs and different components from around the web to build a customized path through learning materials, a path where he provides the context. I particularly like this quote from his post...

How easy is it to pull together a presentational learning environment, I wondered to myself last week? Very easy it turns out, in part becasue of the way the web is turning into a huge logical Lego set via web services, embeddable page widgets and web feed wiring.

Tony has given us some really good feedback on the usage of GrazrScript and has built some customized Amazon search widgets too. We appreciate the feedback, thanks Tony!