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March 7, 2007

Check out Grazr.com, we've taught it to do some new tricks! One of the support questions we've gotten many times is, "yes I realize my desktop feed reader outputs OPML, but where can I put it so that grazr can use it?" (well I'm paraphrasing). Up until know we haven't had a very good answer to this question, but now we do. We'll host your reading list for you, with a free account.

Our goal was to keep it simple, functional and robust but at the same time make it a strong foundation to build upon. File hosting not only provides a place to put your reading lists (outline / opml files) but also your GrazrScript files. With a place to store and host them, more people can start to explore the power in our custom programming environment. We've got some cool stuff rolling out in GrazrScript in the next couple of weeks (procedural code integration) so definitely keep an eye on that.

We've also got some great company news too, we've closed a series A round of financing! Adam has a post with the details over at Feedonomics. I'm extremely happy that we've gotten funding but, as a geek, having Dan Bricklin join our board of directors is just. plain. awesome.