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Naked Conversation Search

January 29, 2007

One of our capabilities that hasn't gotten much attention is GrazrScript. Our goal with GrazrScript is to enable our users to easily build really quick information displays based on any web service. Basically the idea would be to let users create their own widgets that take inputs and display weather, web searches, job searches or really anything that returns data as a feed, all contained in a portable dynamic widget that can be displayed on any page.

So in this spirit, I decided to put together a small example grazrscript file to search the naked conversations book, GrazrScript style. :) I used the advanced version of Google's blog search, combined with the general date range for when chapters of the book were posted, and the URL for Shel Israel's blog. It's not perfect since it's just my rough guess for the books post dates but it seems to work pretty well! This GrazrScript file is only 17 lines long (including the XML header and all of the required head and body bits for OPML) with the main logic only taking 7 lines!

It's really easy to do (very much like writing a form in HTML) so check out our tutorial if you want to know how to make one of your own.